This interactive experience contains simulated graphic content, which may be unsettling for some. This experience is meant to be an educational tool for those curious about our industry and services. If you or your family is currently in need of our services, it is recommended that you not play this, and please visit or call us at 1-844-255-2461 for assistance.

  • Educational

    Fully educational experience highlights all aspects of a routine cleaning. Learn what goes into a Professional cleaning, the hazards, and why you should contact a company such as ours, in relation to cleaning it yourself or hiring a run of the mill cleaning service.

  • Interactive

    Using Unity, the National Crime Scene Cleanup Association can bring you this interactive experience on a Multi-platform release. Immerse yourself in this unique experience that no other biohazard company is providing.

  • Details

    This experience breaksdown every little detail. All information provided to you is current with all current knowledge of bloodborne pathogens.

  • Easy Controls

    The control system of this experience is geared towards user friendly controls. Minimal controls ensures anyone can use it and learn.

Safeguard has switched gears. When this project initially started, VR wasn't really feasible or easy to do. With the Oculus SDK being released, along with the development kits, the doors have been blown right open. It's now feesable to easily create VR experiences right in Unity. Also, the release of Oculus Rift Consumer Version, and other cheaper headsets, such as Google Cardboard and Samsung GearVR, it's a no brainer when it comes to transforming this project from a browser based, 2D experience, into a fully immersive VR experience.

A few new scenes were added. There is a warehouse scene, where you can explore and learn about our equipment and chemicals, and are able to travel to the scene of an incident at a lounge, where you're free to explore around there, before entering the room where the incident occured. The Room itself has been transformed. It's now an office, instead of a living room, and I have created a bunch of new assets to use there.

Here are some preview screen shots of all 3 scenes:

For the time being, all information is presented as text pop ups in 3D space. As we move forward more, I will be implementing a professional voice over, images and videos that pop up for more immersion and polish.

Stay tuned for more info on everything pertaining to Safeguard! We're getting closer and closer!

Also quick side note, everything being created now will be available for free initally on Steam, Oculus Store, and GearVR Store. Coming later will be Google Cardboard Support (iOS and Android), and a Vive version. Also all versions will work with or WITHOUT a VR headset, on PC, Mac and Linux.